Jet fuel filters manufacturer, Velcon Filters

“The Sonobond unit replaced two industrial sewing machines. Those machines processed only about 20 feet of material per minute. But our Sonobond SeamMaster™ High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder runs approximately 30 or 40 feet per minute. That means our Sonobond bonder is definitely boosting efficiency, while reducing labor costs.

“Total maintenance fees for the sewing machines cost us about $2,000 a year. But thanks to Sonobond, we no longer have to worry about those fees or about losing valuable production time every week for routine maintenance.

“We got consistently good feedback about Sonobond from everyone we talked to. Sonobond personnel were also very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I didn’t have to keep after them to get important information. Our experience has been so positive that I am keeping my eyes open for other applications where we may be able to use Sonobond ultrasonic bonding units in the future.”

Rob Perkins
Manager of Process Engineering
Velcon Filter
Sylacauga, Alabama