RingMaster™ Ultrasonic Bonder

The RingMaster is a highly efficient ultrasonic bonder developed for manufacturers of bag filters for chemical and industrial liquid applications. Using three 20 kHz ultrasonic modules and 1500-watt power supplies, the equipment joins the bag to a rigid plastic circular frame, producing a dependable 360° bond. The 2-step process is accomplished in less than 10 seconds, without the use of consumables such as adhesives or thread. Custom tooling is available to accommodate a variety of bag sizes and ring diameters.


Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc.

1191 McDermott Drive West Chester, PA 19380


  • Attaches heavy-weight felted filter bags to rigid plastic collars
  • Strong, reliable bonds are completed in less than 10 seconds
  • Eliminates stitch holes that cause leaks, and thread that can get caught in pumps
  • Fast, easy re-tooling accommodates varying bag sizes and collar diameters
  • Produces up to 250 bags per hour