Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen

Sonobond Ultrasonics’ Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen offers easy set up and operation, user-friendly weld selection from the easy-access touchscreen, enhanced quality control features, and weld history log with USB interface.

This latest innovation from the company that invented ultrasonic metal welding adds data-driven, multi-function capabilities to better meet customer specifications.

Utilizing Sonobond’s patented Wedge-Reed System – essential for strong, precise, highly conductive welds – the Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen can easily be incorporated into any of our American-made ultrasonic metal welders, including the SonoWeld® 1600 Digital Metal Spot Welder, the Dual Head Metal Spot Welder, both SpliceRite™ and Dual Head SpliceRite™ Wire Splicers, and the Single Point Ground Welder.


Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc.

1191 McDermott Drive West Chester, PA 19380


Advanced HMI with Smart Touchscreen adds unparalleled, multi-function features to new or existing Sonobond Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welders and Ultrasonic Metal Wire Welders:

  • Easy set up and operation, with on-screen help files,
  • User-friendly weld selection from the easy-access touchscreen,
  • Superior quality control capabilities, using real-time monitoring of weld parameters
  • Weld history log of last 1000 welds can be exported via USB port for analysis and trending projections
  • Four welding modes: time, energy, height, and height with energy,
  • Sequence job selections to run multiple, separate jobs consecutively without needing to load a new job between welds
  • Enhanced security features, including multiple access levels, alarm and shutdown after three consecutive failed welds, on-screen manuals, and maintenance alerts.