Protective Coverings Assembled With Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Machines Repels Contaminants

Ultrasonic Bonding Assembly Achieves Leak-Free Reliability with Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania, August 17, 2017– Ultrasonic bonding, outdoor furniture, and automobiles aren’t necessarily words used in the same sentence.  But for leading manufacturers of outdoor-use protective coverings, employing Sonobond Ultrasonics’ equipment for ultrasonic leak-free seaming has contributed to the enduring quality, effectiveness and success of their products.  Manufacturers of many types of protective coverings that require impermeable seams can benefit, including those used for cars, RVs, motorcycles, utility and all-terrain vehicles, boats, and snowmobiles; outdoor furniture covers and cushion liners; barbecue grill covers; and even protective envelopes for product shipments.

“Sonobond technology offers unparalleled efficiency, speed and reliability for ultrasonically joining fabrics that are 100 percent synthetic or fabric blends that contain up to 40 percent natural fibers,” explains Melissa Alleman, vice president, Sonobond Ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic Technology for Bonding Assembly

Sonobond’s assembly equipment requires no glue, thread, needles or other consumables, eliminating problems caused by glue gaps, thread breakage, color changes, stitch holes, fraying and unraveling.  Instead, high-frequency vibrations are channeled into synthetic and synthetic-blend fabric as it passes between an ultrasonic unit’s horn and anvil.  The vibrations create a rapid heat buildup that causes the material’s synthetic fibers to soften and fuse.  The result is bonded seams with a strong molecular seal impervious to potential incursion and damage from pervasive environmental contaminants such as sap, salt, snow, bird droppings, acid or freezing rain, and roadway debris.

“Our equipment can also reach production speeds up to four times faster than conventional sewing methods, and 10 times faster than adhesive assembly systems, so it’s highly cost-effective,” notes Alleman, adding that some manufacturers using ultrasonic assembly can boost output by as much as 25 percent.

Equipment Options

Sonobond offers two types of ultrasonic bonding units especially applicable for assembling protective coverings.  Though similar in appearance and operation to a traditional sewing machine, Sonobond’s SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine has a high clearance between the wheel and horn, allowing increased access for hand-guided applications with curves and tight tolerances.  The unit can seam, trim and seal in one step, and offers a wide selection of interchangeable pattern rollers that also hem, emboss and print.  The machine requires minimal training to operate and by combining several operations into just one pass, it saves labor, time and money.  It is also available as a modular unit that can be integrated into production lines.

For bulky, large, multiple-layer and/or difficult-to-bond materials, Sonobond offers the SureWeld™ 20 Ultrasonic PlungeBonder™.  A combination of a rugged welding press and heavy-duty power supply, the welding horns and nests or fixtures of this unit can be customized, allowing it to achieve customers’ specific applications with superior repeatable performance.

Bondable Fabrics

Materials best suited to Sonobond’s ultrasonic bonding include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, acrylics, PVC and materials coated with thermoplastic urethanes.  They can be configured as wovens, nonwovens, knits, films and laminates. Acrylics such as those used for awnings can be edge cut and sealed to prevent fraying.

Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test

To ensure that our equipment satisfies your materials and specifications, Sonobond offers a free, no-obligation Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test to produce sample assemblies using your own synthetic fabrics.  If you decide to purchase one of our units, Sonobond service and technical support is provided before, during and after installation, ensuring that our equipment is properly incorporated into your production process.

Leading the Ultrasonic Industry 

Since 1960, Sonobond Ultrasonics – originally known as Aeroprojects – has garnered more than 150 patents for both ultrasonic textile bonding and metal welding.

While doing so, it has established and maintained a well-earned reputation for innovative and quality-engineered products.  Today, the company manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic equipment used by leading firms in a wide spectrum of industries for aerospace, automotive, appliance, electrical, HVAC, solar, filtration, medical, body armor, apparel and protective applications.

Additional Information and Assistance

To learn more about Sonobond’s ultrasonic bonding and welding equipment, or for information about the company’s free, no-obligation Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test, please click this link. Or, call toll free 1-800-323-1269. For immediate service, please contact Sara Karmilowicz at skarmilowicz@sonobondultrasonics.com.