Sonobond’s SeamMaster Produces Aircraft Insulating Blankets for Mexmil Company

A key component in aircraft assembly, these blankets are manufactured by The Mexmil¨ Company of Santa Ana, California using equipment provided by Sonobond. The blankets are installed between the cabin and the skin of the aircraft, keeping the cabin temperature stable while the temperature outside dips to -60 degrees centigrade.

This new custom version of the SeamMaster features a larger and higher wheel, allowing for the increased access needed when the insulation material is being fed through the equipment. According to Janet Devine, President of Sonobond, “Because of the tight tolerances required by Mexmil, the blanket material requires manual feeding by the SeamMaster operator.

When we reconfigured the SeamMaster for Mexmil we added more clearance. Now the manual feeding process is easier. With this custom SeamMaster, both hands can be used to guide the material, so it’s more operator-friendly.”

Synthetic fabrics such as the coated polyester film used by Mexmil for the insulation blankets are ideal for ultrasonic bonding. The SeamMaster channels high-frequency vibrations to the seam, creating a very localized rapid buildup of heat which causes the synthetic material to melt and fuse. The result is a strong bond.

Sonobond’s ultrasonic fabric welders are also used to bond nylon, polypropylene, acrylics and vinyl. The SeamMaster sews, seals and trims in one pass at speeds up to 4 times faster than traditional sewing machines. The need for thread, glue and other consumables is eliminated, and, there is very little additional training required to operate the SeamMaster equipment.

Sonobond Ultrasonics, a member of the Inductotherm family of companies, is a worldwide leader in the application of ultrasonic bonding technology. Sonobond’s products bond textiles, metals, nonwovens and plastics in a variety of industries, including automotive, apparel, aerospace, medical, electronic and electrical.