Sub-Zero Utilizes Ultrasonic Technology for Freezer Assembly

The Tube Terminator is a hand-guided unit that pneumatically crimps and seals tubing charged with coolant. The one-step welding process creates an airtight bond, which results in fewer defects and decreased production time. It is ideal for appliance assembly as it can handle tubing up to 5/16″ O.D. with .032″ walls.

Using ultrasonic technology, the Tube Terminator creates strong molecular bonds, without the use of heat, fluxes or filler materials. In addition to the improved leakage control, tubing sealed with this ultrasonic equipment also demonstrates extended performance life. Says Steinfeldt, “Since Sub-Zero offers a 12-year warranty, we require assembly methods we know will last.”

During the 10 years Sub-Zero has utilized Sonobond’s Tube Terminator, equipment modifications have been developed to meet Sub-Zero’s specific needs. For example, when Sub-Zero required a device to aid in trouble-shooting, Sonobond developed a weld monitoring system. According to Janet Devine, president of Sonobond Ultrasonics, “The weld monitor indicates if the weld time is falling within a pre-selected window. For example, if a particular weld should require at least 1.8 seconds, but less than 2.5 seconds, by monitoring the weld time, the operator can be quickly alerted to maintenance issues.” Says Steinfeldt, “If the weld time is not falling within the time envelope, it could be an indication of tip wear or that a tune-up is necessary.”

Sonobond has also provided equipment re-tooling to increase Sub-Zero’s production efficiency. “We have modified the Tube Terminator specifically for Sub-Zero in order to provide an option for cutting off the tube end at the same time the weld is being made,” says Devine. The one-step process can reduce production time while maintaining the high precision and quality construction of the world-class Sub-Zero products.