Our Ultrasonic Machines Produce Sealed Barrier Seams That Even Meet NIJ Water Submersion Standards

All manufacturers of body armor can use Sonobond’s SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine and PlungeBonderTM Ultrasonic Textile Bonder to protect ballistic-resistant material from the damaging effects of exposure to moisture. Vests remain sealed and secure even after submersion in water for 30 minutes, complying with NIJ standards and ensuring the protection of law enforcement, military, emergency and other personnel – including their canine and equine partners.

SeamMaster® High Profile Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Features:

Produces sealed seams of the inner nylon protective envelope, or cover, that surrounds the ballistic material in body armor, to meet or exceed NIJ standards,

Creates a strong molecular bond with ultrasonic vibrations that cause synthetic fibers to soften and fuse, using only a minimal amount of material at the seam,

Bonds and trims in one step, is up to 4 times faster than conventional sewing machines and up to 10 times faster than adhesive methods, enabling manufacturers to boost output,

High clearance design allows hand-guided operations and easy assembly of internal packs and bulky materials,

Operates similar to a traditional sewing machine; requiring minimal operator training.

PlungeBonder™ Ultrasonic Textile Bonder Features:

  • Attaches coated straps within the seam of the ballistic vest’s inner shell without compromising its barrier seam integrity,
  • Seals large, multiple-layer or difficult-to-bond materials,
  • Satisfies NIJ submersion standards.

Ultrasonic Assembly Achieves Security, Effectiveness and Efficiency

Ultrasonic bonding occurs when woven or nonwoven synthetic materials, or blends with up to 40 percent natural fibers, are exposed to high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. Localized heat buildup causes the synthetic fibers to soften and fuse, creating a durable molecular seal without stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying or unraveling.

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Advancing Ultrasonic Assembly Applications

For more than 60 years, Sonobond has been known as an innovative, performance-oriented and service-minded manufacturer of ultrasonic assembly equipment, creating assembly solutions for all types of woven and nonwoven synthetic materials, as well as providing results for a wide variety of non-ferrous metal welding applications.

Assembly Applications Requiring Sealed Seams:

  • Body armor & ballistic components,
  • Medical & surgical gowns,
  • Face masks & wound dressings,
  • Bedwetting protection & incontinence panties,
  • Lint-free cleaning wipes,
  • Storage pouches for medical & dental instruments,
  • Protective covers for outdoor furniture,
  • Hazmat gear.

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