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Ultrasonic Single Point Ground Welder – SPG 2600

A microprocessor-controlled metal spot welding system for producing the single point ground terminals used in complex automotive electronic components and circuitry. Ultrasonically welds up to 18 wires to a single terminal with one pulse before automatically folding the terminal arms to provide stress relief on the joint.

Sonobond’s Single Point Ground Welder SPG 2600 ultrasonically welds wire bundles of up to 20 square millimeters to a single terminal. This easy-to-use, microprocessor-controlled unit accomplishes the weld in one pulse. The SPG 2600 is designed specifically for producing the single point ground terminals used in eliminating the electrical noise caused by the large number of complex electronic components in automotive circuits. Once the weld has been made, the unit automatically crimps the terminal arms around the wires to provide stress relief on the joint.

The Single Point Ground Welder utilizes the patented Wedge-Reed system. This creates precise, ultra-reliable, solid-state metallurgical bonds without heat, current, fluxes, or fillers. Even lightly tinned or oxidized wires can be accommodated by the unit.

Handles Bundles of Up to 20 Square Millimeters

Sonobond’s Single Point Ground Welder outputs 2,500 watts of power and can confidently handle up to 18 wires. The power supply features a built-in microprocessor that stores and recalls up to 250 weld protocols and permits weld parameters to be selected by time or energy. The unit’s heat-treated, tool steel Taper Lock Tips perform up to 100,000 welds and can be easily removed and replaced. Like all of Sonobond’s ultrasonic metal spot welders, the unit requires only minimal training. It is backed by Sonobond’s superior service and expert technical support.

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