FAQs – Company Philosophy

What is the operating philosophy of the firm?

We are committed to excellence in products, service, and support for our customers and our employees. Our company maintains a strong foundation in engineering and a resolve to help our customers reach their goals.

How many years experience do you have?

Sonobond has been in business for over 60 years. In fact, Sonobond, under its former name of Aeroprojects Inc, developed and patented the first ultrasonic metal welding machine.

How strong is your company?

Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc. is an affiliate of Indel, Inc., the management service company for a family of technology-based companies. Both Sonobond and Indel are subsidiaries of Rowan Technologies, Inc.

How would your customers rate your performance?

In addition to its outstanding ultrasonic technology, Sonobond has a well-earned reputation for superior customer service and exceptional engineering support.  Here is just a small sampling of the complimentary things our customers have to say about Sonobond performance:

“We’ve gotten outstanding results from our customized SonoWeld® 1600. We were also very pleased with Sonobond’s personalized service and fast turnaround. All of our questions were answered, the training was excellent, and the requested spare-parts quote was sent out immediately. It just doesn’t get much better than that.”

Chris McLaughlin, Maintenance Manager
Lake Cable, LLC

“We got consistently good feedback about Sonobond from everyone we talked to. Sonobond personnel were also very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I didn’t have to keep after them to get important information. Our experience has been so positive that I am keeping my eyes open for other applications where we may be able to use Sonobond ultrasonic bonding units in the future.”

Rob Perkins, Manager of Process Engineering
Velcon Filters

“I have so much more creativity than I realized just through using this new technology. I’m learning that I can stretch myself more but without abandoning my interest in graceful, elegant pieces.”

Student, Apparel Design
Cornell University

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we are proud to guarantee our products against defects in workmanship for one full year or for 2000 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

Do you have a rental or leasing program available?

Yes.  We have a rental program that permits short term use at a fixed monthly rate and that provides credit for the rental which can be applied against the purchase price.  We can also work with the leasing company of your choice or we can recommend one for you to use.

Who could I call to get references on your company?

Just call our sales office.  They will be happy to provide references from customers with bonding applications similar to yours.