Sonobond Ultrasonics’ Battery Assembly Capabilities Expand to China

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania, September 26, 2017 – Sonobond Ultrasonics’ battery assembly equipment is now in use in China as manufacturers worldwide advance innovative renewable energy storage technology for consumer, automotive, military and industrial applications.

Bolstered by Sonobond’s recent participation in the China International Battery Industry Fair, and supported by the company’s new Wuxi, Jiangsu, China-based sales agent Wen Zhang, Sonobond’s ultrasonic technology has been embraced by several of the country’s manufacturers.

“Increased demand for affordable and efficient battery storage, as well as for rechargeable batteries, has boosted manufacturers’ awareness of our ultrasonic assembly method,” notes Janet Devine, Sonobond president. “Companies are especially interested in the ability of Sonobond’s equipment to weld multiple anode and cathode foils to tabs, and stranded copper wire to terminals.

Our metal spot welders successfully meet those requirements, while being reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.”

Sonobond’s Welding Capabilities Demonstrated at The Battery Show

This increased interest in Sonobond’s ultrasonic assembly technology was also evidenced at the recent Battery Show Exhibition & Conference, held in Novi, Michigan. Visitors to Sonobond’s booth were impressed with the quick, easy welding process of the SonoWeld® Ultrasonic Spot Welder and the durable results.

“We have already received several requests to produce sample welds, which we gladly offer at no charge,” notes Devine.

Free Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test

Any manufacturer can take advantage of Sonobond’s free Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test. Using manufacturer-provided materials, Sonobond produces no-cost, no-obligation sample welds to determine the benefits of ultrasonic welding for their specific applications and requirements. If Sonobond’s equipment is incorporated into the customer’s production process, service and technical support are provided before, during and after installation.

Ultrasonic Welding with Sonobond Technology

Sonobond’s welders achieve durable bonds by employing the company’s unique, patented Wedge-Reed ultrasonic bonding system that combines high vibratory force and low amplitude coupling. Using shear mode vibration parallel to the welding surface – while the line of force is directly over the parts to be welded – the welders achieve precise, dependable, solid-state and highly conductive welds. No external heat, current, fluxes or fillers are required and no arcs, sparks or fumes are produced. Additionally, the Wedge-Reed is the only ultrasonic metal assembly system that can weld most oxidized and tinned metals in one pulse and without pre-cleaning.

Sonobond’s Spot Welders

Sonobond produces two ultrasonic spot welder models that join multiple layers of foils to tabs or terminals, and accommodate battery pouch assembly and HV termination welding.

The SonoWeld® 1600 and Dual Head Spot (DHS) Welders join foils as thin as seven microns without tearing. The SonoWeld® 1600 unit outputs 1,500 to 2,500 watts of power to join non-ferrous similar or dissimilar metal assemblies, including copper to aluminum, and multiple layers of foils to tabs and terminals for lithium-ion and NiMH battery assembly.

The Dual Head Spot Welder features two ultrasonic welding heads; one on either side of the welding area for increased welding capacity. It is the first ultrasonic welder to join up to 100 layers of copper or aluminum foils without tearing and in just one pulse. The Dual Head Spot Welder also attaches wires to terminals; welds non-ferrous sheet metal, including aluminum, up to 3mm thick; and accommodates lightly tinned or oxidized wires. The unit uses Sonobond’s 3,500-watt power supply.

Both Sonobond ultrasonic spot welders have built-in, microprocessor-controlled systems that allow automatic frequency control, overload protection, and storage and recall of up to 250 protocols. Digital displays permit selection of welding modes by time, energy or height. The units use heat-treated, tool steel Taper Lock Tips that perform up to 30,000 welds before redressing is required, and as many as 100,000 welds before being easily removed and replaced, without recalibration. As with all Sonobond equipment, the spot welders require only minimal training.

Assisting Manufacturers in Producing Innovative Battery Storage

“Experts predict that in the next few years, the worldwide market for batteries providing stationary energy storage will grow from about $1 billion to approximately $6 billion, as reliance on alternative energy sources increases,” notes Devine. “Storage batteries will become essential for backup power. Sonobond looks forward to assisting battery manufacturers as they continue to develop new formats for home and utility-sized energy storage systems, as well as new types of rechargeable batteries.”

Pioneering Ultrasonic Technology

Innovation, performance and service have made Sonobond the industry leader in ultrasonic welding technology for over six decades. Founded in 1960, Sonobond (then known as Aeroprojects), received the first patent for ultrasonic metal welding. Since then, the company has received more than 150 additional patents for metal welders and custom-engineered ultrasonic bonders of all types. Manufacturers in the automotive, appliance, filtration, HVAC, apparel, aerospace, medical, electronic, electrical, photovoltaic, and ballistic vest/body armor fields use Sonobond products.

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